Motivated to Move – Laura Kennington

With a profound love for the discovery of new trails, she’s always ready for adventure. She loves to keep her feet in the mud (when she was younger even her face) and her head in the clouds. This, nearly, always excited human being is Laura Kennington. A British adventure athlete with a passion for the endurance capability of the human body.  She’s a strong believer in the positive impact that adventure and sport can have on children and adults alike. Laura uses her human powered journeys as a platform to inspire and encourage others to get outside. As you can imagine, Laura and KEEN work really well together, dive into our adventure!

A dive into life

Laura grew up on a farm in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk – often chasing her two older brothers around with the family dog, Hobo – a white alsatian, for company and eventually returning home covered in mud. Her dad (who no doubt has a few adventure tales of his own!) was a Scuba Diving Instructor so if she wasn’t getting covered in mud, she was swimming. Her mom is a Life Coach and Laura is forever grateful for her constant and unconditional encouragement, support and wisdom.

And the apple doesn’t fall from the tree, as Laura does her fair share of coaching as well. She became qualified as a Personal Trainer as a flexible way of earning money in between acting commitments, but fell in love with sport and reconnected with her sense of adventure. Whilst living in London, Laura gained a unique insight into sports science and how the human body copes under physical stress whilst working within the fitness industry. This led to her curiously exploring the limits of her own body – she hasn’t looked back since!

These days Laura can mainly be found pursuing endurance adventures and telling stories. Translating her experience into motivational talks, also for KEEN we might proudly add! As we have been working together for about two years now. And we found out a lot of quirky details about Laura along the way and it’s time we share them.

This excitable woman is just as curious as we are…She can’t whistle but she can do a pretty good dolphin noise impression! She absolutely loves dogs, wolves, whales and dolphins.. Laura has covered thousands of miles under her own steam but she still doesn’t have a driving license! How does she do it? Keep moving and you’ll find out.

A moving tail

The human body is an incredible machine – designed to move! It’s vital to move for health, both mental & physical. Laura says training makes her fitter and stronger but perhaps most importantly it has also taught her mental resilience.

202-Keen Hampstead Heath 28th March 2017 Chris Johnson

“Life is really one big adventure and, for better or worse, your body will adapt to whatever environment you choose – I think moving yourself in everyday life should be the norm. Activity shouldn’t be seen as optional/something to squeeze in when we have ‘time’ – it’s essential!”

Her training gets slightly tweaked depending on what challenge she’s training for but kettlebells and yoga are always in the mix for strength and injury prevention. The rest of her training is outside, always – cycling, trail running or swimming.

“I haven’t had a normal gym membership for a couple of years now – outside is best!”

Laura thinks you can incorporate this into your everyday life very easily. She encourages people to spend more time outdoors. Maybe fitting in a walk in your lunch break or cycle commuting are small things you can easily fit in that can make a huge difference.

She’s a fan of human powered journeys because they teach you to really notice your surroundings because you’re traveling that much slower. She also thinks you better connect with the landscape (and the people in it) and you definitely appreciate your distance a lot more when you’ve had to earn every mile!

So this is a perfect (Trail)fit with KEEN obviously! We both love making the most of our surroundings, wherever we are. Take the stairs, not the lift or escalator; walk a bit longer instead of getting public transport. Laura’s adventures regularly take her somewhere new, as do her public talks, and she always makes – sure that she explores wherever she is under her own steam – whether that’s running, cycling, swimming or kayaking. A deep rooted connection with nature is very important to Laura and her workouts, but she has a good advice for city lovers as well!

“Cities can be just as good for keeping fit – steps, benches and local parks/children’s playgrounds with things like monkey bars are all ripe for workouts. When in London, I love running or cycling along the Thames and I stay active as I commute around town. I also love running through the trails in the countryside or cycling out to the coast – the main thing is just to get outside.”

Free your feet

To Laura, style is all about being comfortable in your own skin and not worrying about the latest trends. So she’s utterly delighted that she’s free to wear whatever she wants! She purposely steers away from buying too many clothes as she’s really anti-clutter.

Her favourite workout clothes are functional but fun in that they’re full of colour. She’s really happy that brands are finally branching away from coloring all female workout gear in pink. Practicality is the most important thing – she wears clothes that can keep up with her active lifestyle and allow her to explore. And this is exactly what the Terradora allows Laura to do best!

“It’s a perfect match because the quality of KEEN’s shoes means that I’m exploring in comfort and I’m proud to represent a brand whose values I know & trust. The Terradora is the ideal adventure shoe – suitable for so many different kinds of terrain. It’s light enough to not feel too restrictive around London but equally it stands up to challenging and technical terrain in the mountains.”

Laura loves to wear the Terradora all day no matter where she’s going or what the weather’s like, still looking Terradorable. And we agree, because we love to listen to Laura. And hope she’ll motivate the whole world to get moving more, in the outdoors!