Missed Connections

Are you familiar with the concept of Missed Connections on Craigslist? The Missed Connections area is used to track down someone that you think that you had that kismet moment with. This is that feeling when you think that the person you met earlier that day was “the one” and you should have tried to get their number or asked them out. Lots of these Missed Connections occur on buses, coffee shops, sidewalks, or cars. Recently, someone took the trouble to make a map of the US with the name of the location leader in each state for missed connections. This map was published by Very Small Array for your “best chance for a Missed Connection in all 50 States”.

50_states_mc3Looking at the map, much of the country seems to have that “special feeling” occur in Walmart or Starbucks. However, it was interesting to myself as an Oregonian, that New Seasons Market was the #1 place in Oregon. This might not seem that interesting except for the fact that there are only 9 locations in Oregon, all of which are in the Portland Metro Area. It would seem that this market generates a lot of romantic interest per capita. New Seasons Market focuses on getting quality locally grown foods. It serves the hippy market (organic foods, lots of bulk grains) up to the food snob (hard to find cheeses, wines, beers, and cuts of lamb, etc.) What is it about this metro area market that seems to generate so many romantic feelings? If someone can answer that question for me please also try to tackle the question of why Texans seem to have this romantic feeling in Hooters? (Did you look at the map?)